Will plastic surgery improve so much that it could make us young forever?

Lana del rey plastic surgery, I do not think the operation will be the answer as a man’s quest to become ageless. Genetics, medicine, and nano-technology all have a better chance. For real young, do not lift the skin folds in order to make it look smooth or collagen injections to fatten loose parts, we must pay attention to the regeneration of cells. Cells divide continuously, until finally they die.

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As more research teaches us that a cell reproduction capability, the ability to keep dividing, mostly associated with telomere length that terminate DNA strand in a chromosome. Because the cells divide and used from time to time, ikatana DNA began to weaken and terurau, which caused the death of the cell.

Imagine that there is a small plastic on a shoe string. They are the telomeres. Telomeres keep the strands of the DNA double-helix of decomposition. But just like the plastic pieces they wear over time. If we could figure out how to keep healthy and of in shrink telomeres, or even rebuilding that began sagging, then we are potentially fending off cell death and keep them reproduce. Of course there are so many other factors involved.

For one, there are mutations and degeneration that can occur during cell reproduction. And it also ignores the other things like the use of age can damage our body: cancer, penyakir, a lifestyle choice. Plastic surgery for aging more like putting a coat of paint on an old car. You can make it a new exterior look, but from the inside may still fall apart.

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