The Ultimate Guide To Tigreal on Mobile Legends


People like to play Marksman, Mages, Assassins and Carries. Tanks and Initiators are underrated. There is always a team that needed Tanks and Initiators but minority amount of players could fill that role. Now, I am going to share with you the way to win losing games while having a good deal of fun.

In every conflict, the mystic warrior Tigreal always fought at the front and never suffered defeat. The vilest of enemies didn’t dare to challenge Tigreal on the battlefield since they understood such a ridiculous action would only be met with Tigreal’s merciless blade. The title of Tigreal, a believer in the Lord of Light, has become synonymous with bravery and fearlessness. His kingdom has conferred upon him the honorable name of Warrior of Light as a reward.

Item builds on Tigreal isn’t really important as long as it’s tanky. Some cooldown decrease helps a little as well.

It will not end up great.

This is some sample of my item assembles. The very first one used to be quite strong, Blade Armor and Cursed Helmet both are really powerful until the two of them got nerfed so I wouldn’t recommend to use it anymore. Cursed Helmet and Blade Armor both assists with a few DPS while being tank sufficient, but now it isn’t actually required anymore.

The “Tank 1” and “Tank 2” both are great. You can change in between things to find out which suits your playstyle the most! Just remember, do not buy any attack items. You are able to purchase Saint’s Refuge and/or Cursed Helmet if you’re against the greatly magic-based enemy team.

Warrior Boots is the most suitable choice, cheap with strong unique passive.

The only useful and workable battle spell on Tigreal, and also the main reason why Tigreal is so good at initiating team fights. I wouldn’t recommend taking any other bout aside from Flicker. If your account level is not high enough to utilize Flicker, level up it ASAP!

It’s possible to utilize Flicker to either escape or begin a team fight (that you mostly do). There are so many plays you can make with your Flicker + Tigreal’s ultimate skill.


Early Game

Your ancient game plan would be almost like any other support. Proceed either upper or bottom lane using a teammate, gives all the previous hit on minions and jungle farm to your own teammates. If an enemy has been out of place in lane,

For example:

-Enemy is standing far away in their turret range, while there are two or more allies nearby to help


Should you doubt yourself in the lane, go roam! Try out gank the other lanes if at all possible, utilize the fundamental initiating combo or no-flicker initiating a combo. As a support, you won’t have much stuff to do while clearing the lanes, so always look at the map and ping that lane has enemy missing. It might assist your teammates. Knowing what to do in the ancient game is very crucial, the transition to mid and late match.

Mid Game/Late Game

Mid game mostly is the same with early matches, always stick together with your staff, you will not be any practical with no own team! (Other than defending turrets obviously, most likely the only time you are alone).

By mid-late game, the way you initiate might points a game to victory or defeat, be very careful on the next step you made. Inform your staff to let you initiate first, so they don’t get caught easily. Use the sign on the ideal side of the display “Attack!” To let them know you’re initiating.

Grouping 5-man with Tigreal is obviously the strongest. I suggest to not initiate/engage when one or more of your teammates are not near, whether they’re split farming, pushing, clearing jungles etc UNLESS you’re 100% sure that your staff outnumbered and 100% triumph from the enemy, then you are able to proceed to your basic initiating combo.

There are nearly zero counters against Tigreal combo if you’re fast enough, and they don’t have any Purify or Flicker fast enough away from Tigreal’s ultimate. You are able to turn into a losing team to a winning team with an ideal team fight. With Tigreal, you can get so many clean experts using an initiating combo.

It would be definitely better if you can play with some buddies, they could understand that your game plans better with any communication platforms. Tigreal is definitely a very enjoyable hero to perform, definitely worth to get it in the shop if you have not already! So, go have some fun and let us know how it works out for you! Happy initiating!