Tesla Model S Interior Hackers Challenge


As one of the full-size luxury sedan electric best in the world, recently Tesla Model S has a growing interest exploded, excellence Tesla Model S interior with super advanced technology that it can not be denied that the technology is owned by Tesla one of the best.

Tesla Model S interior in addition to have the benefit of high security level rating, the car is also known as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, the latest variant of the successful car made ​​its debut in 2012 also has a mainstay again, which is a giant touchscreen display measuring 17-inch technical masterpiece. It really gave the much better comfort for the rider.best Tesla Model S new Tesla Model S 2014

In order to prove the sophistication of the security system of the Tesla Model S, the company dared to hold a contest to challenge any hacker who can break into the car’s safety, if nothing works then Tesla could make payments of $10,000. Hackers who want to participate must be able to take over control of the remote access system of electric cars via a giant display. The event SyScan Conference held in Beijing, China today.

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Not great, it can be a medium of proof for the Tesla Model S that the security of their 5 star rating is not messing around and they deserve the award.

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