Radial Nerve Palsy Splint Overview


Radial nerve palsy splint means that splinting treatment for patients who get radial nerve palsy. It has been known that among three major peripheral nerves, this nerve is the most frequently damaged. It is because the nerve is wrapping around the humerus spiral groove. Radial palsy itself is commonly caused by humerus fractures, dislocations of the elbow, and dislocations of Monteggia fractures. Because of the paralyzed radial nerve, the patient should be splinted. Splinting is one of the medications done to overcome the problem. Are you viewing forward to getting to know more dealing with dynamic radial nerve palsy splint? If you are, this article will be so helpful to enrich your knowledge about the procedure.

Radial Nerve Palsy Splint Procedure as a Solution

It is still debatable that splinting is considered as a solution for radial nerve palsy. It is since this procedure should wait for the stabilization of the patients. In fact, the pain will be getting worse if it is not treated soon. However, radial nerve palsy splint is still used to overcome the problem of the disease. The doctor injects steroids to the patients first to reduce the pain. After the pain has been reduced, the procedure is done to make up the nerve.

There are some types of radial nerve palsy splint systems. Each process will be given by the doctor based on the symptoms of the disease. It also depends on which nerve gets the problem. However, all procedure is done started from overstretching the hand. As well, that process should also be done in the post-surgery time or prolonged recovery.

Types for Radial Nerve Palsy Splint

It has been mentioned before that there is certain kinds of radial nerve palsy splint but the most recommended reinforcement procedure is designed by Thomas. The method is named Thomas suspension brace. The system becomes the most recommended because it can overcome some problems of radial nerve palsy. Those are all extrinsic finger extensors, all wrist extensors, supinator muscles, and also all external thumb abductors.

Even though Thomas suspension splint is the most recommended procedure, some experts consider that the process is given based on the symptoms experienced by the patients. If you want to know more explanation of each type of the radial nerve palsy splint, you can search on the internet. There are some advised websites that you can go to complete your understanding. Two of them are WebMD and also EMedicine.

Recovery after Radial Nerve Palsy Splint

It is impossible for the patients who will be healed soon after the surgery. They need to recover the pain as well. How long do they need to get the back surgery pain? The recovery after radial nerve palsy splint depends on the level of the disease. To know how long the patients need recovery time, the doctor suggested for them to see radial nerve palsy splint wearing schedule. Trembesi solid If the patients get this disease in beginning the stage, the recovery will be around 1 to 5 weeks. However, if the disease has been on the middle level, the recovery time after the surgery will take 6 to 15 weeks. Then, if the patients have got chronic radial nerve palsy surgery, they need 16 to 24 weeks for recovery.

From the explanation before, if can be concluded that splinting is done to heal the pain caused by radial nerve palsy. It is not the only way to overcome the problem as well. There are still some medications that can use for healing the disease. At the first time, the doctor will give the patients steroids injections to reduce the pain. Then, let the hand stabilized first before getting the radial nerve palsy splint.