Nerve Palsy Characteristics


Oculomotor nerve palsy is a nerve damage that happens in the eye. This condition, the third cranial nerve of the patient does not work. That makes eyes cannot move like a normal eye. It is like other nerve dysfunctions. What makes it different from other nerve dysfunctions is that the patient gets this damage in eye organ. Oculomotor nerve works to make the eye muscles of people controlling movements of the eye. So, when the nerve is damaged, people are not able to move normally. Are you looking forward to knowing this information more? If you are, this article will give you a slight of it completed with oculomotor nerve palsy treatment and oculomotor nerve palsy causes. You can visit some websites such as WebMD or EMedicine to complete information that is not available in this article.

Eye Position of Oculomotor Nerve Palsy

It has been mentioned above that people with oculomotor nerve palsy cannot move the eye normally. It means that they are not able to maintain the eye position to be normal when they look straight ahead. So, it is important to talk about eye position here. As the superior oblique in unprovoked by the paralyzed inferior oblique and superior rectus, the eye of the patient will be relocated downward. Because of it, people with this suffer will get double vision.

The damage will be sustained at different points along the trail. The causes of the injury itself are defined in a variety of ways. It is since the result is determined in various groups of muscle. Then, this condition will affect individual muscles in a various way. So, the presentation patterns will also be produced differently. That is why some doctors cannot answer when people ask why oculomotor nerve palsy happens. It depends on which muscle the damage occurs.

Causes of Oculomotor Nerve Palsy

Even though the reasons for the damage cannot be defined fixedly, there are some conditions that you make people get oculomotor nerve palsy. Individuals who suffer vascular disorder get this disease. The meant vascular diseases here are heart disease, diabetes, aneurysm, atherosclerosis, and also dysfunctional artery. The second one is that this illness also attacks people who get nonmalignant or malignant lesions. If you get an infection, you are also fragile with it.

After the accident, people usually get some pains. It means that the body will get trauma. In fact, this disease will also attack people with the body trauma or injury due to accidents. This condition also happens after neurosurgery if a complication occurs. Another fact shows that individuals with either demyelinating disease or autoimmune disorders have the possibility to get the oculomotor nerve palsy.

Treatment for Eye Position of Oculomotor Nerve Palsy

After the doctor diagnoses the patient with oculomotor nerve palsy, the doctor will recommend some treatments. At first level, the patients will get steroids injections. The injections aim to reduce the pain. The patients should wait for some weeks. If the pain is not reduced and getting worse, the patients had better go back to the doctor. The doctor will suggest a procedure for the patients.

Also, this disease affects eye movement and pupillary function. So the operation will be done to make up the muscle and the lid of the eye. Even though it is said that the surgery will be done in some cases only, most of the patients are recommended to get surgery to make up some parts of the eye with which get the disease. Some oral drugs are also given for recovery step after the surgery. The patients also have to consult and report the improvement to the doctor regularly. That is all about oculomotor nerve palsy.