Mystic Aquarium in Mystic Connecticut


Mystic Aquarium in Mystic ConnecticutAs a native of the area, we can take for granted the astounding destinations our region offers. Mystic Aquarium is one of them! Of course, Mystic Aquarium is an excellent destination to visit since a child, but even a vacation with no kids is an extraordinary experience. The exhibits give you a broad attract all audiences, and you can get lost in the memorizing fish and mammals. In getting to know Mystic Aquarium better I also found the Aquarium is more than a specific item exhibited, they’ve programs just like the Animal Rescue Clinic, Research, Conservation & Education. They also have a Sea School for pre-school aged children; I wish that existed some tips I was that age! I’ve discovered that these programs have supported many efforts around protecting our oceans and beaches without a doubt which is another local resource lucky natives often ignore. Fortunately, Mystic Aquarium doesn’t become complacent which is investing in keeping our oceans fueling our economy, recreation and maintaining ocean inhabitants safe!

We visited the aquarium while visiting family over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, it turned out raining (hard!) the morning I was there. It’s wasn’t freezing, and we all went ahead and toured the aquarium but got wet that was naturally wet but no issue. Would we go again? Yes. Maybe it was expensive? Yes. Additional thoughts.

1. They want a way that children (toddlers) can see the exhibits. Outside I had to hold my toddler up so she could look at the animals. Propping up an extra 35lbs enough to find out within the railing continuously was rough. Worse given it was raining.

2. Yes, you can find covered, or indoor spots for viewing the larger animals (whales, sea lions, even penguins) but having the capacity to start using these depends on the creatures swimming. In our case, the penguins were cheerfully looking at rocks staring up in the rain and not floating which means the issues in # 1 above.

3. There are two good sized indoor areas with smaller creatures plus a nice sized shark tank. It turned out an excellent size, excellent displays, nevertheless, if you had your child, you’d to keep them up for around 1/2 the exhibits so that they could see. For a lot of shows at Mystic Aquarium, they had an individual intensify which probably works for the next size up for children but very tiresome for the parent of the toddler, likely impossible looking to manage two all on your own.

4. Touch tanks for the rays and sharks were cool, your arm needed to be a specific length (probably kindergarten- range (?)) or higher, so again, toddlers lost. The sand exhibit to generate mountains and rain was excellent, but no steps for that little.

5. They have an impressive exhibit on jellyfish. Plus a cool part of two places where would take your picture, then “drop” your mind by using an octopus within a big virtual aquarium.

6. They seemed to have very friendly employees – even standing outside in the rain we were holding helpful and friendly in explaining things or giving directions. Within the facility we had arrived perplexed on part 2 in the pictures along with a beautiful worker described the way it worked and walked us onto part 2. Yes, it wasn’t as part of his job area and appreciated the additional effort.

7. Many movies and special¬†Mystic Aquarium Games¬† advertised, plus a restaurant. We didn’t attend however they looked pretty cool.