Moving to a New Home, What Should Be Immediately Organized?


If the husband is obliged to buy a new house, then the wife who bought the furniture.

The burden of buying a new house no longer has to be the husband who endures the consequences of increasingly high property prices. The affairs of home appliances can also use a decent or by the joint venture.

Even so, newly married couples usually still want to move to a new place rather than stay at home parents. Moving a place, either to a new house or apartment then could be an option.

However, some things must be done in a new place. The first thing to do is an adaptation. Therefore, much needs to be done and discussed from the side of security to the arrangement in the house.

Security and comfort

Related home security, it’s good to think about couples to change the key. You do not know anyone who has an existing home key, it could have been the previous owner or a home seller.

Not only lock the front door of the house, but you should also change the garage keys and keys of each room.

Then, check the electrical center and the location of the main switch. This is necessary so that you can anticipate an explosion when an electrical short circuit or fire occurs.

Next, follow up on the cleanliness of the house. For example, clean the hanging closets, such as kitchen cabinets to be dust-free and odorless.

Decorating house

Once the home security part is over, it’s time to figure out how to organize in a new residence. It can not be done carelessly. Then, there should be beautiful games in holding the inside of the house.

Therefore, it is important not to decide for yourself. Discuss it because opinions differing from your partner may be possible. For example, in the decision to choose the color of the wall.
In addition to the wall color, consul well good lighting, especially for a room that is widely shared. For example, in the bathroom and living room.

Then, agree also to set up existing furniture or make a list of new furniture that must be purchased. In the kitchen of the new house, for example, you need a new refrigerator anyway.

Think about what kind of refrigerator is appropriate. If you will often cook and need to keep plenty of food fresh for a long time, consider having a fridge with Aero-care Vege Compartment technology, a platinum catalyst that maintains large amounts of carbon dioxide in the compartment.