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Shanshan Li, Zilong Li, Gao-Yi Tan, Zhenguo Xin, Weishan Wang*, In vitro allosteric transcription factor-based biosensing. Trends in Biotechnology, 2023, https:// doi:10.1016/j.tibtech.2023.03.001

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A biosensor is an analytical device that converts a biological response into a measurable output signal. Bacterial allosteric transcription factors (aTFs) have been utilized as a novel class of recognition elements for  in vitro biosensing, which circumvents the limitations of aTF-based whole-cell biosensors (WCBs) and helps to meet the increasing requirement of small-molecule biosensors for diverse applications. In this review, we summarize the recent advances related to the configuration of aTF-based biosensors  in vitro . Particularly, we evaluate the advantages of aTFs for  in vitro biosensing and highlight their great potential for the establishment of robust and easy-to-implement biosensing strategies. We argue that key technical innovations and generalizable workflows will enhance the pipeline for facile construction of diverse aTF-based small-molecule biosensors.

Trends in Biotechnology, IF="21.942

manbext网页版注册 - 搜狗买球指南