Is Lipton Green Tea Caffeinated: Effects of Caffeine


‘Is Lipton Green Tea caffeinated?’ This is probably one of the first question before someone choose certain tea brand, especially those who have low tolerance for caffeine. Most Lipton products do have caffeine on certain level. But the company also released products of decaffeinated green tea, with only 4 milligrams per serving. These products are good for people with low caffeine tolerance. If you currently are on a condition where you can have any caffeine, but still want to drink some tea, you can consume herbal tea products as those tea are not produced from the leaves of tea, thus, have no caffeine content. If you want to stop consuming caffeine, try to reduce your consumption slowly instead of abruptly stopping to minimize the withdrawal symptoms.

The ‘Is Lipton Green Tea caffeinated?’ question may induce another question about the caffeine effects on our body. This substance is a famous stimulant that may help someone to stay alert after consumption. The effect may last for hours, so, consuming caffeine at late afternoon may impact the sleeping ability at night. Each person has their own tolerance for caffeine. For those who have high tolerance, consuming two cups of tea or coffee may be just fine. But for those who are low in tolerance, drinking a cup may actually make you feel jittery.

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Based on the guidelines from University of Illinois, the moderate amount of caffeine in a day is no more than 300 mg. Brewing time does affect the amount of caffeine in your tea, as more caffeine will be extracted from tea leaves the more you let the tea steep. Lipton Pure Green Tea has approximately 45 mg caffeine per serving, while the flavored one contain around 15 to 30 milligrams of caffeine. Hopefully, this article is able to answer the ‘Is Lipton Green Tea caffeinated?’ question by those explanations.

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