How To Pass The Bend For Motorcycle Riders


Motorcycles are vehicles that have been common among the people of Indonesia, whether those living in rural or urban areas. However, not a few drivers who only origin can drive alone, without knowing the correct driving procedure, especially at the turn.

At the time of crossing the corner, the important thing to note is the braking system. That is when going into the bend is required to know the correct position as in the middle of the road or side left and right. In addition, what also needs to be a concern is which brakes should be operated, whether the front brake or back, or both?

Therefore for those of you who are still not cunning in passing the bend, it is appropriate to read this article.
How to Pass Motorcycles to Motorists.Motorcycle Riders

1. The Right Position

At the time of encountering bends are required to be alert to other riders from opposite directions. When the lonely streets you can take a position slightly to the right when the position left and cornering slightly to the right when the position of cornering to the right. But note, that do not pass through the middle marker is usually shown with white paint. This is so that when turning does not take the road of another rider from the opposite direction.

But if when you meet the bend of the street atmosphere is rather crowded, then do not be too into the middle of the road. However, the position is quite in the area of ​​the road you pass by reducing the speed so as not to be too far forward.

2. Brakes used

This is very important to note. When seen in front there is a bend, you can brake with both brakes on your motor. but if it has been through the turn should only use the rear brake, it is intended that the front tires do not slip and cause an accident.

Lots of cases that occur when passing through the bend, the front tire slip. Plus if the road is slippery exposed to rain water, the technique of using the rear brake while on the corner is very necessary.


Note the road conditions in the corner and take the correct position and use the correct brake to avoid accidents.