How to Clean the Ceiling in the Car Cabin with Ease


A smoker who owns a Car certainly will not be able to not smoke while in the Car. It makes a problem on the car’s blackened ceiling. If it is not handled then over time create a damaged ceiling that can reduce the comfort when driving.

But do not worry karana for how to clean the ceiling in the cab Car is not complicated or spelled out very easy. Cleaning can be done at home when there is free time.

For how to clean the ceiling in the cabin The car can use a regular wash brush and soapy water for the European Car. For how to brush it necessary to note the brush, do not get too wet.Car Cabin with Ease

While how to clean the ceiling Japanese cars can use microfiber cloth or with synthetic leather with soapy water. Once clean, use a clean and dry cloth to remove any residual soap in the car’s ceiling.

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Well for cleaning time is not measured by time. If it looks blackened then it should be cleaned immediately. Keep in mind that the blackened ceiling of the Car is not due to cigarette smoke alone, but the dust that enters from the outside is also one cause of the blackened car ceiling.

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