Here’s How Not Equal Bedain Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery that was originally intended to fix the damaged body slowly evolved into a necessity for most women to beautify the body especially on the face, but most of them do not recognize / hide secrets that they have done a plastic surgery especially for some celebrities, even though some operations plastic very faint but still you can tell which are genuine and which are plastic surgery: Khloe Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Hasil gambar untuk cara merawat operasi plastik


Try whispering and observe his ear, because there is no facial plastic surgery that does not leave a scar on the ear. Sometimes the skin of the ear transition is evident or there is a thickened skin due to scars when plastic surgery.

Has the effect of face ‘looks bad’

If earlier about a man looks good, then suddenly has a face like an angry then it is possible that due to botox, botox injections in the forehead could distort eyebrows. This can be corrected by injections again above the eyebrows.

Raisins in the ears

During the face lift operation (tightening of the face), sometimes the surgeon releases the ears of the face and pull the skin tight and then reattach the ear leaf. If not done properly, then there will be little wrinkles like a raisin in the ear. Need surgery to fix it back.

Such as swollen face

Although it is rare, but there are some people who look younger but have a swollen face as the wind filled. This condition could result inject too much fat, so it must be treated by liposuction.

Has a nose like a rabbit

When someone smiles and her nose looks like a rabbit, there is a possibility he injects Botox into the bridge of the nose. It is to get rid of the odd shape or form mengisut of the nose.

After all plastic surgery is not necessary, treating the face regularly, healthy foods and exercise better done as an investment in the future of beauty.