Cranial Palsy Information


Cranial nerve palsy is such a kind of diseases which include cranial nerves. The nerve involved can be one or more. In this condition, palsy happens in time a muscle is paralyzed. It means that the patients will lose their control of the muscle. From that, there are several problems after that. The problems can be experiencing movements of erratic muscle, convulsive jerks, and also some others. It is not like other nerve dysfunctions which are difficult to identify. This palsy is not hard to identify as well. If you are interested in it more, you can follow this article.

Symptoms of Cranial Nerve Palsy

It has been revealed before that it is not hard to know whether you get the problem or not. It is easy to know that cranial nerve palsy problems involve face muscles. So, this condition makes the passion are not able to smile. They are not also able to control the movements of the eye. You can fit into place in other expressions. That is torturing. It is a small thing. However, it is so disturbing than before. You cannot even smile; wink your eyes and some other face activities.

If you experience that pain and then followed by other cranial nerve palsy symptoms like numbness, you should consult your doctors soon. You may have cranial nerve palsy. The numbness happens in your face. It is since something happens to your face muscles. There are twelve pairs of cranial nerves which run straightly from a human brain into numerous foramen. Foramen is such holes in the head. Also, the nerve makes people able to control their facial muscles. Then, they can have perrla test eyes movements or curl the lips in some minutes.

Causes of Cranial Nerve Palsy

There are some types of cranial nerve palsy. So, if you want to know about the cranial nerve palsy causes of it, you have to define what disease you mean. However, the disease happens when your cranial nerve is damaged. What type disease you have depends on what kind of cranial nerve gets damaged. Some causes cause the damage itself. Those are a virus infection, sarcoidosis, Lyme disease, and others.

Some cranial nerve palsies are cranial nerve I, III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, X, XI, and XII. Those diseases are all caused by the damaged nerve mentioned before. Different type of the conditions has different symptoms and effects to human bodies. So, if you experience symptoms like above, you had better run to a doctor and tell your story dealing with it. The doctor will recommend some tests after that to ensure what type of cranial nerve palsy you have.

Cranial Nerve Palsy Treatments

After knowing the types, symptoms, and also causes, it is the chance you have to know about cranial nerve palsy treatments. However, treatments are given based on the type and symptoms happen to the patients. To learn that, the doctor conducts some tests. The tests can be a blood test, MRI of the patients’ head, Lumbar puncture and also some other tests aiming at ruling out problems of another nervous system.

The purpose of a blood test is checking the Lyme disease of the patients. MRI is conducted to know the structure of the nerves inside so that the doctor can know which nerve gets damaged. Then, lumbar puncture aims at knowing what happen to the organ and cell. Some other tests are intended to support the primary tests such as mentioned before. Based on the evidence, the doctor will be able to decide what treatment was given. First, the doctor will provide lubricant to some parts of the face. Then, the surgery is necessary to make up the nerves. That is the treatment for cranial nerve palsy.