Alone for the Holidays?


Being alone is a challenge for a lot of people. This challenge may loom especially large during the holidays if you are single or newly divorced and without family around you. If you’re in this circumstance, what can you do to make the holidays joyous rather than depressing?

The important phrase here’s SHARE LOVE. Too often people believe regarding getting love rather than giving and sharing their love. They do not recognize that it’s the act of giving their love that is so very satisfying.

Gail had grown up very lonely in an emotionally distant family, with parents who didn’t openly give their love and relatives that were also cold and distant. She’d married an emotionally distant man, and after 7 decades of more isolation, had determined to leave him. This is tempat tidur susun her first holiday season alone.

Gail determined that she wasn’t likely to be alone and lonely again this holiday season. She did some research on service agencies that had volunteers and discovered that a women’s shelter in her area for women and their children who had been hiding from physically abusive husbands. The shelter was badly in need of capital for food, which Gail did not have. What she did have was the time to help gather food. Every day, following her job as a secretary, Gail went around to the markets within her area until she found a few willing to give Thanksgiving dinners for the mothers and their children. Subsequently, on Thanksgiving Day, she spent her time at the shelter cooking, decorating, serving, and with Thanksgiving dinner with those courageous women who had left their abusive husbands to rescue themselves and their kids. It was the finest Thanksgiving she ever had! By choosing to share her love with individuals who needed her, then she felt filled with love.

Gail had such a satisfying experience that she discovered a small part-time occupation in addition to her regular job so that she could afford to buy presents for the kids at the shelter for Christmas. She had such fun buying presents for the kids and seeing with their joyous little faces as they opened them on Christmas day! Gail felt anything but alone and lonely.

Gary was in a similar scenario to Gail. He was single, had been an only child to parents who were no longer living, and had no near relatives. His janitorial company didn’t give him much chance to make friends. Gary had spent many lonely holidays feeling isolated and depressed and decided a couple of years ago to do something about it.

Gary loved creatures. As a young child, his dog was his main connection with love. After some study, Gary discovered that there was a superb animal shelter within a half-hour of his home — a shelter that loved and cared for animals and did not euthanize them. Gary started to volunteer one day per week on the weekends — feeding, cleaning, playing with puppies and kittens, helping to interview people who desired to adopt a pet, also getting to know the other volunteers. He discovered that he really connected with the people who volunteered there. Many of these were loving people that had been deeply devoted to caring for animals. As his spirits developed, he discovered he needed a new sense of family-centered around the protector. Thanksgiving and Christmas were now sometimes spent with the other volunteers who did not have families, and occasionally with the families of some of the volunteers. Gary’s life had been complete and satisfying.

No matter what your life situation is, you can always share your love with other people. Instead of feeling alone and lonely this holiday season, open your heart to give. There are many people and animals around who would welcome your adore.